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FAQ - Pet Adoption Application Template

What is the purpose of Pet Adoption Application Template ?
This template allows you to submit a Pet Adoption Application form with required fields. Simply create and submit in your browser using the “Create Adoption Application” button. There is no need to save and then print the template. Why is my application not on the list? Some forms may not be complete as they are updated continuously. In this case, you should send updated application form by email to: Pets4Adoptionhotmail.
Who should complete Pet Adoption Application Template ?
Please fill the Application Form for Pet Adoption with appropriate details. Please refer this Pet Adoption Application template for Pet details. Please also reference the list below : 1. Name & Address. Pets: Please provide their full name, pet's full address (including city or town) Phone/Mobile No.: 2. Contact No. (Please also add an email address for pet owner and for the person to complete the Pet Adoption Application form with. This will enable Pet Adoption Team Members who need to reach out to you directly to use your email address) 3. Pet's age / Age range: Please provide the age and/or age range of your pet. Age: Please help us to ensure that your pet is a dog or cat of 10-12 years old, by filling the form up to this point with “Pet is older / pet is younger than 10 years old” in the Pet Adoption Request. Age Range: Please fill out the form up to this point, with “Pet is a Dog/ Cat 11-13 years old” in the Pet Adoption Request. Age range is based on age of dog or cat. (We usually start to ask for the pet's age from 10-12.) 4. Breed / Origin: Please select one or more of the following items: Beagle Bulldog Cocker Spaniel Collie German Shepherd Dog Hound Respond Labrador Retriever Lamb Dog Long Hair Terrier Mixed Breed Pekingese Poodle Rottweiler Shellie Bigger Volvo Welsh Corgi Your Name: 5. Relationship to Pet: Please select one or more of the following items: You & Pet are together, and they will be living at the same time. Your pet has never met you, and you are not related to Pet by blood, adoption is a family decision for your children and your pet(s). Your pet is a stray dog or cat rescued from a shelter. Your pet has a cat friend or another animal companion, but it is not a companion to you, or you are not related to Pet by blood, adoption is a family decision for your children and Pet(s).
When do I need to complete Pet Adoption Application Template ?
This template is designed to be completed within 60 days of your pet's adoption. To take your pet to your vet for the first step in your adoption process, you will need to take the pet's written adoption form (which can be seen at) and complete it with the required information. The adoption application template will then be sent to you by email. How much do I need to contribute to a pet adoption? The adoption fee is 60 plus an additional 35 to cover the costs associated with your pet's readoption health history, spay or neuter treatment and/or vaccinations. How do I set up an adoption? As soon as an application is received, our adoption volunteers will set up your pet home. You can then fill out the adoption application form, which should be attached to the form you received. After filling out the application form online, be sure to fax it to the Vancouver Veterinary Specialists adoption office at, or email it to [email protected]. Pet owners will also be required to provide the phone number of the person they would like to call. Can I submit a request for a vet to come out and assist in the adoption process? Not under any circumstance. To ensure your pet's new home is the safest place possible, we ask pet owners ensure their contact information is up to date and correct before submitting a request for service. Where do I send the Pet Adoption Application Form for my Dog? Dog adoption forms are mailed to residents of the city of Vancouver who have a dog they wish to adopt. What happens at the appointment at the Vancouver Veterinary Specialists Center? You are not required to bring a pet to us for the adoption procedure when you come into the clinic or the office. In our centers, we allow dogs to be brought in through the door. If you are traveling or staying away from the home you wish to adopt, please see our travel page for more information. How often will I need to take the dog (or cat) to our Vet clinic for a check-up and/or vaccinations? The only pets that are required for surgery or other care will be dogs and cats that have undergone spay or neuter surgery. There is no need to visit an exam appointment with your vet in order to complete the adoption application process.
Can I create my own Pet Adoption Application Template ?
No. The current guidelines do not allow a person to create their own pet adoption application and there is no documentation available that we can share. We do, however, invite those interested in pet adoption to complete the Pet Project online Pet Adoption Intake Form. This form, which forms part of the Pet Project, allows us to gather information about your pet's breed, size, health requirements, and any other important information. There may be questions relating to how and where your dog will be placed, what is expected of the adopter, the application requirements, the costs of the adoption, and how to complete the application. Can my pet be adopted at a dog park or other location? Yes. We encourage people to consider adopting from a local shelter, rescue group, or kennel because these groups can provide a dog or cat with a healthy home in a safe environment. Can my pet be adopted at a pet store? No. At all locations of our organization we cannot place pets. All adoption funds are used for our operations. Please check with each store location regarding adoption rates. Is there a list of pet stores or rescue groups in our area? Yes. We post the list of pet stores and rescue groups by county on our website. You may also visit our Pet Store Locator page. Do I have to make an appointment first? To get a referral, you cannot go to a store or rescue group and ask to see an available pet. Instead, you MUST email a personal message to the person in charge of that area, with your name and the location of the pet you would like to adopt. This form of communication is called a “Rescue Request”. Please note! There is no maximum age for pet adoptions. We encourage people to adopt at any age as long as it is a well-behaved and well-socialized animal. Once you have completed the adoption application, take a close look at your dog's profile. Ask friends and family to leave an encouraging word on your dog's message. We cannot guarantee your application will be accepted, but the number of applications we receive tells us about the desire, time needs and interest in adopting animals from the Pet Project. Does Pet Project provide adoptions via phone or email? We do not have phone lines or email addresses to accept referrals; therefore, we cannot provide adoption via phone or email.
What should I do with Pet Adoption Application Template when it’s complete?
After you have completed the Pet Adoption Application Template, we recommend you forward it to your Veterinarian and have them complete it in front of you, as you will need to complete it yourself. What should I do with Pet Adoption Application Template when it was already completed? You can either forward your completed Pet Adoption Application Template to your Veterinarian and have them complete it in front of you OR you can mail it to us at PO Box 1040, Fort Campbell KY 41862. Does the Pet Adoption Application Template provide all of my information? The Pet Adoption Application Template provides all the necessary information you need to register, adopt, or change your address of record. It cannot provide all the necessary information for each adoption, and we will need to see documentation for each puppy, kitten, cat, etc. to determine if the adoption is acceptable and to make sure it will fit into the program. What do I do if my Cat or Dog does not pass the breed identification test? You can use our online application to complete a Pet Adoption Application and send it in with your information. We will ask some additional questions, including your cat's or dog's breed preference, which is optional. We will also ask for a photograph, to confirm your cat or dog's appearance and general appearance, and to provide you with your cat's or dog's age and weight. What is the deadline for my application to be active? We will only accept complete applications on or after August 15th.
How do I get my Pet Adoption Application Template ?
My Adoptable Pets Adoption Template I made from scratch. I am posting the Adoptable Pet Adoption Application Template because it has a few unique features. The Pet Adoption Application Template does not require any additional files or instructions. The Pet Adoption Application Template was the very first application template I ever made and created. It is a perfect template for any kind of project. The Pet Adoption Application Template contains a simple explanation of what you can expect from this template. It is not as fancy as a graphic design, nor does it include any fonts. It is simple with an easy to navigate format. The Pet Adoption Application Template is perfect for use on a site like this, a blog, a group, a message board, a magazine, etc. It has one page, so you don't get confused when downloading new files. This PETAdoptionApplicationTemplate contains the following features and content: Description page — Here is where you will get your basic info on the pet. Pet Information page — Here is where you'll find information that will help you match with the best pet for you. Pet Pictures — Here is where you'll find the most of the pictures you need to see to find the perfect pet. Pet Profile — Here you will find your personal information about your pet. This page is blank until you enter your pet's contact information. Pet Adoption Process — Here you will find a sample of how you can start the Pet Adoption Process. Just sign up with an email address you will use when you mail off your application. If you are looking for a little more information on how to submit an or use an, please click here. The Pet Adoption Application Template also provides a way for a client to give you feedback or ask any questions you may have. I recommend a few other great web based resources for pet adoption. Pet Adoption Template Resources — Pet adoption application templates and templates for more than 150 sites. How to create an from scratch by Lisa Waive. The Pet Adoption Application Template is copyright by Matt and Kathy. Unless otherwise specified, the Pet Adoption Application Template, text and graphics copyright Kathy Davis.
What documents do I need to attach to my Pet Adoption Application Template ?
Documents listed on our pages can help us determine if you meet our adoption requirements. As you are reviewing our pages, the documents are referred to by our name — Name of Adopter — and the name of adopter's attorney who is representing the adopted dog in its home. The names are followed by the pages where these documents can be found. Who are the adopters that we need to approve your adaptability? Before we may approve an adoption, we need to know who that adopter/s in good standing is. Some dog owners may not wish to be identified. In this case, we encourage you to attach our adoption forms in one of the following ways. 1. Via fax. Fill your adoption application online using our adoption form template, and follow the instructions to fax it to us. We will take steps to fax the application to you. 2. Via mail. We recommend you print and complete the adoption form online and mail it to us via FedEx, Federal Express, USPS or UPS Express (not sure if you need to do this? Contact us). We will return the application to you and send all necessary documentation within 30 days of receipt. (If the recipient is located in New Hampshire, they will need to attach a copy of their driver's license with their address.) 3. Via email. In order to fax your application directly to us, send the attachment containing your completed adoption application form via email. Please use our instructions on how to fax your application to us. All Dog and Cat Adoption Request Forms can be found on our page. We also encourage you to submit documents yourself. Documentation Required to Adopt a Dog or CAT Please complete our adoption application online using one of our online adoption applications. We strongly recommend that you attach your full name, address, phone number, date of birth and social security number to all of your documents that are submitted. This will eliminate any difficulties we may have later on. We will email your application to you. You must mail the application to us by 3:00 p.m. on the second business day after we receive your application (no exceptions). You may also mail the application to: Dog Adoption P.O. Box 1204 Albany, NY 12207 or Cat Adoption P.O.
What are the different types of Pet Adoption Application Template ?
Application form: this form should be filled up as per below template and attached to the appropriate Pet Adoption GMT (PDA). Application form and other additional required documents can be downloaded from the below link: 2. Reception sheet: The required copy of the above-mentioned application form along with relevant documents, must be attached to the same PDA as per the above template. We strongly suggest that it is in the original in a separate sheet and not glued on the reception sheet too. 3. PDA: The PDA itself will be filled up using the copy of the above form along with relevant documents and any other documents required. For this purpose, the PDA must be placed with the appropriate section as per the pet's PDA. If the pet is being rehomed, please note that most of the document need not yet be signed off by our vet, we may send the copy with the final written consent letter, or you can include it with the actual written consent letter. 4. Checklist to complete the application form (if required) — Date of the Pet- Number of Pet or number of animals in PDA of PDA — Names and contact numbers of Pet Adoption GMT — Email address or contact number of Pet Adoption Agent — Proof of vaccinations (if applicable) — Breed, Name, Breed Type (Adult, Puppy, Toy) if applicable — Proof of vaccinations (if applicable) — Age of Pet (if applicable) — Name, Breed, Breed Type (Adult, Dog, Puppy/Toy) if applicable 5. Pet name and ID. 6. Pet's age and its new address. 7. Breed and age of Pet. 8. Proof of vaccinations (if applicable) 9. Type of Pet. Pet type can be any of the following: 1; Service Dog: a canine or feline companion trained to perform work or assistance in situations where normal rescue equipment is unavailable or, if appropriate, where animal has suffered serious injuries or illness. 2; Assistance Dog: an animal trained to provide assistance or a service to persons with disabilities, and usually trained to provide short-range assistance with a guide dog. 10. Pet's address and pet's phone number. 11. Proof of vaccinations (if applicable) 12.
How many people fill out Pet Adoption Application Template each year?
The number of people who fill out the “Pet Adoption Application” and post it online for the public on the website is unknown. We can only assume that about 1% of the population does that. We can't tell if someone who posts a “Pet Adoption Application” is a real animal rescue, a volunteer for a pet ad agency or a scam artist. I know that you're trying your best to help me find my pet, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for the commitment. If you really love your pet and want to help him or her, you'll make this commitment to me now before the adoption process begins. If the situation changes after I select the pet, you can make your decision, and we can move forward with the adoption. When you select a pet, you're entering a one-year commitment. If we can't reach an agreement within that year, we won't proceed with the adoption process until we do. What if the person won't agree to the agreement? I signed the papers, but they didn't give me an extension. Make a note in a legal document that the person has six months to move their application to “Ready to Adopt” because once it's posted on the website it becomes in the public domain, right? If they refuse to give you time to file a lawsuit so that you can continue to work towards the adoption, then we have no choice but to cancel the adoption. How does adoption come about online? After the “Pet Adoption Application” is posted online on the website, adopters are contacted via email or a phone call to set up an appointment. I don't have the funds to take on a pet. Can I contact them at [email protected] with my concerns? While we appreciate your concern, as the website doesn't charge for adoption, and we offer free spay/neuter services, we do have a set of fees that we charge for the services. These fees are: 350 for spay/neuter (if the pet has not been vaccinated) and a microchip (optional). 250 for spay/neuter (if the pet has been vaccinated) and a microchip. 100 for a “Pet Adoption Application” (includes the Pet Adoption Application, a microchip and a letter notifying potential adopters of the adoption fees).
Is there a due date for Pet Adoption Application Template ?
Your application will be processed as soon as we are able to review it. We will get back to you in about 4-6 weeks, so please allow about 10 days for all the information to be received. If you have not received a reply from us within 1-2 weeks, please contact us via this site. If your information is rejected due to no information required or there is a question about it, please use this ticket system. If you need additional time, please contact us again. This time will be within a maximum of 1 week. Once you have selected an adopter, please select the adoption process you want to enter. The adoption application requires a minimum of 24 hours for processing and once approved, the adopted dogs will arrive within 2-3 weeks. Please note that the adopter can change their mind after they have chosen the adoptive dog. Please refer to “About adopting a dog” for more details. If you wish to adopt a pet after you have selected a date to adopt for this service only, please proceed to the “About adopting an animal online”. If your adoption is approved, your pet will arrive to your doorstep, and they will be a well-cared for pet and are more likely to find a home within a shorter time frame. About applying for Adoption: We use the application form below for all adoptions we perform for the adopters. The application will be opened and completed on the day of the adoption.
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